The Importance of Analytics

Have a targeted digital marketing strategy is certainly very important, but you need to also have a way of determining just how effective it is. This is where analytics comes into the picture. Analytics plays a vital role in your online presence because it tells you who is actually coming to your website and how they are getting there. If you are using Google AdWords in conjunction with a Facebook campaign, for example, you will want to have a way of knowing which strategy is being more effective for you. If, for example, nobody is coming to your page from Facebook you can then begin making modifications to your digital marketing strategy.

Analytics is also effective from an SEO perspective. You can have the flashiest website out there, but it will be meaningless if it goes unnoticed in the very markets that you are hoping to target. Analytics will allow you to find out where your visitors are coming from. If they are clustered around one geographical area, with nobody coming from another locality, then you will know that something has gone awry with how you are targeting your search engine rankings. In short, going without analytics is like walking blind through the Internet marketing world.

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