Launching Your New Brand on Facebook

With digital marketing, there are literally thousands of different ways to promote a new product launch for your business. Not all of these are equally as effective; however, as you want to get your message out there to the most people in order to give you maximum exposure. For that, Facebook really cannot be beaten. This is the global juggernaut of social media, after all, so you will be sure to reach myriads of Internet users if you do this right. Begin by creating a teaser campaign within the Facebook platform itself. This will tell all of your followers that something exciting is coming down the pipeline, and many of them will keep checking back for updates. This is a way to build excitement for the impending launch, even before you are ready to make the big announcement yourself.

You can also use Facebook to display a personal video that you have developed. Videos have made a quick comeback in modern society because they are so easy to access. People no longer want to take the time to read everything that you have to say about your new product, but they will be tempted to look at a video you have posted on Facebook, Make it professional, make it creative, and make it count. You can also post a weekly video that gives your followers a behind the scenes look at the new product that you are launching. This continues to build excitement, and it gives everyone a more in-depth look at they product itself. At the end, you can have a direct link to your website where people can purchase the product. With a new video every week, social media feeds will continually be updated and you will gain visibility.

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